You can do it M Kamran

My impossible todo list in the of 2020

Top goals:


  • Develop home as marchant

  • PPC for product and gigs

  • Create your own blog and start earning from blog

  • Run all fiverr profiles

  • Earn $30k net profit in 1 month

  • Start E-commerce business

  • Start your RESTAURANT business

  • Read 10 books

  • Start earning from Self website



Learning goals:


  • Google ad sense complete knowledge

  • WordPress core + Theme development

  • Add features in wordpress

  • Shopify Expert

  • Wix Expert level

  • Magento Expert

  • Adobe photoshop Expert

  • Adobe Illustrator Expert

  • Adobe Premier Pro


Habit Goals:


  • Awake at Fajar

  • Stop wasting time on YouTube intertainment

  • Stop sexual attraction

  • Setup whole day tasks timing and follow for 3 months

  • Never fight in the family(Never take revenge)



Health Goal:


  • Every weekend hacking for 3 months

  • Everyday Excersice for 3 months

  • Morning runing for 1 month except (Hacking day)

Top 3 Focused Goals:


  • Start E-commerce business

  • Create your own blog and start earning from blog

  • Wix Expert level







Last 5 completed Goals: